Disability Advocacy 4 Action is a new organization that supports individuals with a disability and their allies – their family, friends and support organizations.

Over 20% of Canada’s population has a disability. When you include their loved ones and support staff, 54% of Canadians have a vested interest in making life better for people with disabilities. The 54% has the power to significantly influence the struggle to make law the changes to legislation and code required to increase accessibility and make Canada safer, more inclusive space possible for people with disabilities.

  • Heroes – Stories of people with disabilities living their best lives as they give back to community
  • Social Franchise Creation – Information on how a small group can set up a social good organization that advocates for change and gives back to community
  • Disability Resources – Information kits, workshops and podcast interviews on a variety of topics such as overcoming barriers, and mapping the community to identify and address accessibility issues
  • Social Enterprise – Information on starting and growing a business/social enterprise that generates income and gives back to community
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