These Giveback Podcast interviewees are people who show every day that people with disabilities can work hard, enjoy life, and contribute to their communities just as much as anyone!

Eliana Bravos

Chair, Viable Careers

Dr. Pamela Lindsey

Founder, College of Adaptive Arts

Lizzy Murphy

Jeremiah Opperman

Founder and CEO, Disability Desk

Jeremiah was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a deteriorating eye condition which results in total blindness. Since starting his own HR marketing consultancy in 1999, he has increasingly focused on disability issues and is passionate about the unhesitant and natural integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society.  He lives in South Africa with his family and guide-dog.

Jeffrey D. Pledger

CEO, CyberAI

Jeffrey’s background in leadership, IT management, and execution presentation includes 26 years at Verizon, and founding the first web-based multimedia company to provide fully accessible interfaces for archived and live video streaming. He is now the CEO at CyberAI and, as a blind man, very involved in disability advocacy.  

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